TLP Enterprise Search

Accurate AI-assisted search of document repositories with specialized terminologies

TLP Engineering Automation

AI Authoritative Sources and engineering automation to accelerate innovation

TLP Business Intelligence

Automatic collection and analytics of complex data from technical documents

TLP Regulation Search

Fast, paragraph-level, AI semantic search of thousands of regulations


We build enterprise applications that leverage machine learning to accelerate engineering and automate innovation.

We focus on AI Technical Language Processing (TLP): Accurate processing of text with specialized terminologies and jargons.

We leverage TLP to help organizations with complex products effectively search for information, automate business analytics, and accelerate engineering. Please read on for our products and how they can help your organization.

Or you can start using our regulation search products. Or learn more about cutting-edge technologies.

TLP Business Intelligence

Automatic data aggregation and analytics of information in technology organizations

Analysts and managers need to frequently find trends and perform analytics. Complex jargons and make these tasks onerous and time consuming. TLP is developing tools to help

  • AI Summarizers for automatic intuitive summary of repositories with jargons
  • AI few-shot and zero-shot Classifiers for rapid analytics of documents with jargons
  • AI Meta Analysis for automatic aggregation of numerical data and generation of charts

TLP search rapidly finds information by matching the meaning of user query with document text. TLP accurately processes synonyms of technical terminology to help users find required information without learning the precise keywords. TLP search navigates to the right paragraph within a large document. TLP search is designed to work in a secure environment and control access to documents based on any organizational rules.

TLP Business Intelligence suite is under development.

TLP Engineering Acceleration

AI tools to streamline engineering processes and accelerate model-based engineering

Pace of innovation and development is critical to success. Teams are bogged down by large amounts of data scattered across locations. TLP is developing tools to help:

  • Intelligent Authoritative Source builder enables trusted and secure access
  • AI Recommender engine helps find the right information for every need
  • AI-assisted Modeling & Simulation (M&S) accelerates use of model-based approaches

TLP Engineering Suite will accelerate M&S, engineering analyses and reporting. TLP will be accurately address engineering discipline and tool jargons. TLP will reduce administrative burden on engineering teams and accelerate innovation. TLP engineering suite is designed to work in a secure environment and control access based on any organizational rules.

TLP Engineering Acceleration suite is under development.


TLP.AI is building cutting-edge AI solutions for practical industry problems. Our solutions build on years of advanced research and hands-on-experience managing engineering in large organizations.


Our vision is to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to addresses faced by firms developing complex products. We integrate engineering tools and methods with AI.